Wine tour has become such a popular theme tour activities recent years. However, when we talk about wine, what do you have in mind? Maybe France, or Italy? Maybe Spain, USA, Australia, or Hungry? Have you ever thought taken a wine tasting tour in Scandinavia?

Maybe Scandinavia is not the best place to have wine tasting tour. Due the climate, Scandinavia is not the best place to grow the wine grapes, and there are no large wine yard to keep the same level with French wine yard. But, Scandinavia is one of the largest luxury wine consuming location. Which means, it is the place you can find good wine from all over the world. Plus a large selection of Scandinavian food suits different kind of wine, Scandinavia truly is the place for wine lovers.

Stop 1: Copenhagen, Vesterbro Vinstue: 

This wine tapas and wine bar is located in the popular Istedgade in the Vesterbro area. It is a cozy place, where the Copenhageners like to meet up. The wine bar offers a Spanish/Nordic cuisine and is located right next to Bang & Jensen, a Copenhagen favorite.

Vesterbro Vinstue-1

When you walk into Vesterbro Vinstue, you will be greeted with a smile. The interior reflects the down to earth atmosphere and offers many details, such as the floor which is made out of 400 linoleum plates that are manually cut into triangles and assembled directly on the floor. And let’s not forget the mosaic deer that decorates the wall.

Vesterbro Vinstue-3

Old wooden tables, light bulbs and chandeliers also add to the cozy feel at the wine bar.

Vesterbro Vinstue-2

Stop 2: Copenhagen, Nimb Vinotek:

Nimb’s cellar level houses Nimb Vinotek, where the walls are lined with wine bottles showcased in cabinets, allowing guests to study the labels and gain inspiration for their choice of wine in one of Nimb’s restaurants. There are more than 1000 wines to choose from, which makes Nimb Vinotek’s wine list one of the most extensive in Scandinavia.
Nimb Vinotek-1
Nimb Vinotek always offers a wide range of wines by the glass, including a selection from ´winemaker of the month´. You will also find ´the weekly offer´ on wine of high quality. If you would like to try another Vinotek wine just ask and we can usually provide service by the glass.


The space is charmingly rustic, with stone floors and long tables with comfortable Wegner chairs. Here you can sit back and enjoy a light meal with your wines. But wine takes centre stage at Vinotek, where it is served by dedicated sommeliers eager to discuss the wine’s origins, producers, and flavours. You will also find ‘the weekly offer’ on wine of high quality. If you would like to try another Vinotek wine just ask and the staff will usually provide service by the glass.

Stop 3: Stockholm, The Stockholm Wine Bar:

Newly refurbished premises at Gustav Adolf Square 16-18 are located in two historic buildings:  Davidsonska house designed by Gustaf Lindgren 1894 to 1896, and the Baroque Palace  of Isak Gustaf Clason erected from 1912 to 1914.

The Stockholm Wine Bar -1

The venue consists of a dining / avnjutningsrum for about 32 seated guests, a Barrum with wine racks for about 20 distinguished guests and a wine room in the basement with wine racks and kitchen for 12 seated guests. Total takes the premises about 80 guests. We also have a small outdoor dining area with seating space for 16 seated guests.

Located in the heart of beautiful Stockholm, Stockholm Wine Bar strive to provide the perfect wine sensation for all guests. The bar also serves excellent food, both from our own kitchen and our partners. Stockholm Wine Bar is also available for rent – be it weddings, wine tasting, company conferences or wine courses.

Stop 4: Stockholm, Corvina Enoteca wine bar:

Corvina Enoteca wine bar offers a authentic food made from quality ingredients. The menu includes a variety of light meals and snacks, antipasti and risotto as well as pasta dishes. The generous deli tray – filled with various kinds of salami, ham, olives and other appetizing – is a good option along with a glass of wine.

Corvina Enoteca wine bar-1

The interior, designed by Jon Eliason,  tries to take on the context of the Stockholm Old Town, integrating it with Italian delicacies and cook it together with modern designs and exciting material. The color scheme is warm gray combined with brownish-gray brick and rustic floors.

Corvina Enoteca wine bar-2 Corvina Enoteca wine bar-3

Stop 5: Oslo, Markveien Mat & Vinhus:

Welcome to the intimate wine bar where the artist Jo Stang has been inspired by Dr. Kneipp’s hydrotherapy session. Dr. Kneipp is the German doctor including invented Kneip bread. In one of his books we can read about kneipbrødets admirable qualities; “preventative effect on sexual desire of young boys.” The wine bar is one of the oldest wine bars. The bar was opened in 1991 and has constantly kept the concept; good wines and snacks which are enjoyed in a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. A large number of wines can be enjoyed by the glass and fajitas obtained cheaply. Due to high demand of satisfied guests and the slightly informal style, it is unfortunately not possible to reserve a table here.

Markveien Mat & Vinhus -1 Markveien Mat & Vinhus-2 Markveien Mat & Vinhus-3

Stop 6:  Bergen, Altona Vinbar:

Set in a warren of vaulted underground rooms that date from the 16th century, Altona’s huge, carefully selected wine list, soft lighting and murmured conversation make it Bergen’s most romantic bar (particularly appealing when the weather’s cold and wet). The bar menu tends towards tasty comfort food, such as Norwegian lamb burgers.

Altona Vinbar-1

Stop 7: Helsinki, Grotesk Restaurant Bar:

Elegant but reasonably informal, this has a Finnish-baroque dining room where cured meat starters precede excellent grilled meats. There’s also a worthwhile tasting menu, featuring smaller, inventive portions. The wine list is especially good, and priced fairly. The wine-cocktail bar is very worthwhile too, particularly in summer when it migrates into the courtyard space.

Grotesk Restaurant Bar-1

Stop 8: Reykjavik, Le Bistro:

Le bistro is an authentic French bistro and wine/charcuterie bar in the heart of Reykjavik.

Le Bistro-2

Small family run restaurant, recently established on Laugavegur in Reykjavik center (Reykjavik’s main street). Serving moderately-priced classic and contemporary French food along with a great selection of wine. You can find full breakfasts during the week and different kind of brunches during weekends.

Le Bistro-1

There is a fully build Chalet to accomodate Fondue or Raclette dinners (suggest to pré-order). Chef also selected inspired traditional Icelandic dishes to satisfy the curiosity of tourists. Though, an ambiance of French authenticity prevails throughout as you step into this lively Parisian atmosphere. Serve slow food, with mainly local Icelandic ingredients (as whale, salmon, herings, lamb…).