The most unique and best place for hiking is definitely in Nordic Country, you will never regret for hiking in these countries, it will fresh your mind and it will be a pleasure to walk on. In the Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, there are large sparsely populated areas suitable for wilderness backpacking and nature suitable for shorter hikes also near cities.

Norway has the most rugged terrain (including alpine mountains) but if you hiking in Norwegian forest, it will be very friendly for hikers. You can’t stop after your trip begin.

Especially, during the summer time, you can choose to hiking in the Norwegian fjord or along the seaside. These cover especially see-worthy nature, services are typically easily available and most are reachable without much fuss. There are usually shorter trails near the visitor centers, suitable to quickly see some of the typical nature, for day trips and for less experienced hikers, but also remote areas for those wanting to walk their own paths.

Hiking in the Aurlandsdalen Valley from Field Productions