As cycling enthusiasts, if you would like to enjoy the best environment in the world, you should plan your next trip to visit Scandinavia. As the green environment promote in Scandinavia, lots of Scandinavia people use the bicycle as a transportation tool.

Danish, one of the biggest cycle nation in the world by percentage. One of the richest countries in the world and why people love to cycle? For the environment and health.

I bike CPH – god cykelkarma from I bike CPH.

In Denmark, in Copenhagen you can find 110 places to use 20 kroner to rent a bicycle, then you will experience a real Danish people daily life with low cost. And all of them are new, build in GPD and electronic map.

GoBike – Denmarks most innovative city-and-commuter bicycle system from GoBike.

But right now, the bicycle is not only use as a transportation tool but also a very popular sport in Scandinavia, because of that, the Scandinavia countries has explored and promoted a lot of beautiful cycling route. Such as in Denmark, you can take the train and then ferry from Copenhagen to experience a cycling tour in Danish small island – Samsø.

You can pick up your bicycle and your bicycle trailer (the trailer can help you to carry your luggage) when you get off the ferry right beside the Kolby Kås Habour, then choose your own route.

There are three main routes which can help you to discover the north Samsø, middle Samsø and the south Samsø. They are:
North Samsø tour:
Kanhave Kanalen – Langøre Church – Samsø Nature School – Langøre Harbour – Lilleøre Skanse – Mårup Harbour – Nordby Church – Møgelskår – Nordby – Ballebjerg – Issehoved

Middle Samsø tour:
Tranebjerg Church – Møllebakken – Mikkelstenen – Besser Church – Samsø’s golf course – Besser Watchtower – Besser Rev – Onsbjerg Church – Dyret

South Samsø tour:
Ilse Made Kilde – Kolby Mølle – Kolby Church – Vesborg Fyr – Brattigsborg Gods – Brattingsborg Forest – Ørby Church – Kalkovnen in Ballen – Den gamle Købmansgård – The Energy Academy – Kolhøj Mølle