Self Driving

Self Driving Tours are made for guests who wants to explore a place or places with flexibility. It is different to traditional stop & go trips that self drive guests can totally decide for themselves where to stop and how long to stop. However, self drive requires to be an experienced driver and you need to have an international driving licence.

When we talk about self drive in North, many travel professionals will suggest Norway. The fjord area is definitely a good choice. Its spectacular mountains and fjords creates pieces of amazing live photos. Self drive in Norway is very seasonal. The best time of the year is between May and September everywhere. It however will require you have more mountain drive experiences and Technic.


Iceland, one of the most recent discovered self drive destinations. Today’s Iceland offers its self drive customers from all-over-the-world most fantastic and function-able cars, jeeps and super-jeeps. And only the vehicles area already composed an unbelievable scenery.




The special landscape of Iceland created a nature beauty for self driving guests. There are so many different self drive routes that Iceland can offer. Here we can introduce one of it to draw your plan. The trip takes you around 8 – 12 days. You can decide how fast you can go but it is highly recommended to use no less than 8 days.

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A – B: Keflavik – Blue Lagoon is a must for everyone. The international airport located in Keflavik and Blue Lagoon is about 20 mins drive after your arrival from the airport. Road condition is always perfect between Keflavik and Blue lagoon (Rd 41 change to Rd 43). You can either accommodate in Keflavik or even have a luxury sleep in the Blue Lagoon clinic hotel.

blue lagoon

Follow the new Icelandic road 427 along the south coast, you will reach C (Árborg/Selfoss). In Selfoss, you can stop by the Geothermal Park, enjoy a foot mud bath and have a small lunch at the Earth Steam Cooking restaurant. It is one of the most signature spot for Selfoss.

Geothermal cooking restaurant

The in the maps is Gullfoss, one of another “must” visited spot. If you take road 35 north of Selfoss, you will reach Geysir and Gufllfoss in maximum 40 minutes.

gulfossContinue your drive with road 30 and get back on national road No. 1 will lead you to south of Iceland. If you don’t want to drive all the way to VIK (F point), you can take a break in Selfoss and enjoy a cozy evening there.

From C to F, you can find two popular water falls: Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss.

skogafoss Continue with road No. 1 from Vik (F) to the Icelagoon (J), there are many areas are worth to pay for a short stop. Like kirkjubæjarklaustur, Vatnajokull, Skaftafell (G), the Black Waterfall (H).


From Vik to the Icelagoon is about 200 km. You can continue drive to Djúpivogur for overnight.

Skaftafell National Park


You have now reached east Iceland with road No. 1. From Keflavik to here, you might need about 2 -3 days. Cross the small villages in East, you will reach a famous harbor city, Husavik (K).

Husavik Rib-baot

If you want to take a small break of driving, you can take the chance to go on one of rib-boats for a whale watching safari.


On the way to Husavik, there are also places you can take a visit: Dettifoss (L), Krafla (M), Hverarönd (N).


You can either sleep in Husavik or Myvaten (O). Have a visit the the most amazing place in the north – Myvaten and then continue your journey to Godafoss  (P).


Till now, you have spend about 5 to 6 days on the road and you can sleep in the north most popular town: Akureyri (Q). Remember, you are still on the national road No. 1.


You can spend 1 to 2 days in Akureyri and continue Hraunfossar (R) and now you are at west Iceland.


And Snæfellsjökull (S).


Of course, Snaefellsnes at the Snæfellsbær (Close to S) is also a must.


You can stop in Thingvellir national park before you complete your circle self drive trip. Or you can drop it and directly drive to Reykjavik to rest.

The easiest thing for driving in Iceland is, you should only follow one road – national road No.1. It is specially made for self driver customer. Follow one road, and one direction, you will be easily completing your wonderful self drive trip.