Horse Ridding

Equestrian sport carried out in general in Scandinavia countries, so the horse riding courses are wide spread over the country. You can choose from the beginner level to professional level. Besides the horse riding courses universality, the beautiful scenery along the riding route is another attractiveness for most of the horse rider in Scandinavia.

In Scandinavia, you can also find the Icelandic horse species which had been used by Vikings. Especially in Iceland, the horse species is now the world’s most pure horse species. Since the 10 century, the Icelandic parliament published the legislation which ban on import the horse from other countries, in order to keep the genuine Icelandic horse species and spread of foreign disease. Therefore, there is no hybrid between Icelandic horse and foreign horse in thousand years. Meanwhile, both the export of horse species and participate in horse racing, as long as they had to go out of Iceland, then they will not be able to return and Iceland never held any international horse racing.

HESTAR (Icelandic horses) from Arnþór Tryggvason


As an example, you could choose your horse riding tour to visit Golden circle: Reykjavik – Fossnes Farm When you get to Fossnes farm, you will get the basic information about the Icelandic horse and its special gaits. Later on, you will get to know your horse and the Icelandic way of trial riding in the relaxed atmosphere.


A typical trip could look like this:

Fossnes – Hvítárdalur – Fossnes Today, you will leave the farm and get to the neighboring community Hrunamannahreppur.

Fossnes – Hvítárdalur – Gullfoss – Kjóastaðir farm The riding route will let you see the famous golden waterfall Gullfoss and the Geysir hot spring area, then you will stay in another horse farm which is called Kjóastaðir farm.

Haukadalur – Haukadalsheiði – Geysir – Kjóastaðir farm After seeing the famous beautiful, you could also enjoy your riding tour through a beautiful birch forest and also the wild mountain flowers.

Geysir – Tungufellsdalur – Kaldbakur – Kálfhóll Farm Today, you will experience riding along the edge of civilization.

Kálfhóll – Kaldbakur – Hrepphólar – Kálfhóll – Reykjavík Today, it will be the last day for you to enjoy riding along the river and then say goodbye to your horse and your guides.