Winter Activities

Most of places in Nordic, spring starts March and End in October. From November to February, Nordic people experience a kind of weather no one wants to imagine – Grey and Cold. Well, that is most of people think of when talking about North Europe. In fact, Winter in north is real fun. As more north you reach, as more fun you can find.  Therefore a few high-light points for winter lovers.

  • Snow, Ice and activities
  • Norther-light
  • Polar-night
  • Polar bears

Snow, Ice and Actives

When talk about Snow, maybe you think about snow man, or ski? There are actually much more than that you can find out in north. For example,

  • Ice racing on frozen river: Rukan (Finland)
  • Ice fishing, Ice sauna, frozen river floating: Rukan (Finland)
  • Snow mobile, Reindeer ride, husky ride: Rovaniemi (Finland)
  • Cross country ski, Snow Castle: Krikenes (Norway)

Impression from Finland from gorilla

Kirkenes Snow Hotel from Visit Norway

A tasted of Norther-light – Tromsø, Norway

La’bridge – Aurora from Cam Huang

And the polar night in Finmark, North Norway

The Polar Night from Borsting Photography

Last but not least, Polar bears from Svalbard, Norway

Polar Bears on Svalbard from Ole Jørgen Liodden