Photographing tours became one of most popular themed tours in Nordic region. Not only because of the rich humanized histories but also because of the unique opportunities that nature provided to us, such as the Northern light and the Mid-night sun.

The photographing tours  can be taken throughout the whole Nordic region. However, different area provides you its special sights for you to arrange personalised photographing point. Nature changes a lot, and each art you have made could tell its own story.

The recommended location is:

  • Fyn (Denmark), castles, culture
  • Gotland (Sweden), culture, nature
  • Ruka (Finland), nature, activities
  • Tromsø (Norway), mid-night sun in summer, northern light in winter
  • Vik (Iceland), nature
  • Husavik (Iceland), nature, activities

DREAM PHOTO TOUR Iceland May 2015 from Di Fruscia Photography

Lofoten – A Photographic Adventure In Norway from Michael Fletcher