Culture Exchange

Nordic, a large cultural region with lots of histories. Today, cultural tourism is not just for older generation. Nordic countries can provide you a lot more fancy and exacting activities to fulfil your culture exchange needs.

In fact, most of tourism contains part of culture exchange. You usually take a tour to somewhere you are not coming from or residents. The culture from your travel destination is different to what you usually have. You receive new information on cultural base and that is called culture exchange tourism.

What is basically Nordic culture? There are actually no specific definition of it. Maybe Freedom and Happiness are the newest two words can describe Nordic culture. However, these two simple words contains loads of details for you to find out.

Nordic Culture is one of the most strange elements for tourists. When you travel to a new place, new culture is always around you if you pay attention. Culture is not around you when you are isolated in a bus or through your camera. So, experience and communication is the best way to explore the Nordic Culture.

Nordic Culture is human.

Humans of Reykjavik from Humans Of Reykjavík

It might also be food.
Swedish food culture takes on the world from Sweden

Or just Sauna
“Saunalle johtava polku” – “The path to the Sauna” from Alexander Markus Lembke