Are you planning to have your wedding in Denmark? Or maybe Iceland? Let us help you!

Once you are on this page, and you are one step closer.

Maybe couples plan wedding overseas. However, due to the limitation of resources, most of them were/are choosing to go to Southeast Asia. How about to go to a fairy tale destination like Denmark Or a dream nature destination like Iceland? Maybe you you think it is too expensive… … In fact, it is not really and you will have a super different effect.

What can CG help with to prepare a dream wedding in Scandinavia or in Nordic region?

  • Wedding plan, design and setup
  • Hotels, castles, city hall, in the air, under water, simply anywhere you want your wedding, we can arrange it
  • Transportation
  • Honeymoon arrangement
  • Photographing

Here are some taste of wedding in Nordic.

Iceland: Brooke and Tavis got married in Iceland.

Brooke + Tavis – Iceland from Luke Lindgren on Vimeo.

And, Denmark!

Nikoline & Thomas from Timing By Gøttler on Vimeo.

Or,,,,, a unique wedding at Swedish Ice wedding??

ANTON + SAMANTHA’S // \\ ARCTIC WEDDING from Salt Video Productions on Vimeo.