Who are we

The big “C” represents Creative, Cool, Cute, Comfortable, Classy, Careful, Calm, Charming, Confident, Chill, Care, Catchy, Charismatic, Captivating, Concern, Classic, Cheerful and Cheeky. Our team will assist you to create a simple gateway to achieve the big C.

C. Gateway originally born as an international service firm and give full services for overseas customers in different business fields. After the company reached a great turnover by the end of 2011, C. Gateway switched the businesses orientation from single-line service firm into a multi-functional business. Over 13 years operation, C. Gateway was growing in both public and private sectors. The experiences it gained through the years was incredible and should not be forgotten.

The business area overs majorly luxury and lifestyle services. It includes tourism, real-estate, private feast, VIP and themed party arrangement, and etc. The company has developed smoothly and already trained a highly capable experienced employee team and the brand has a great positive reputation in the business area. C. Gateway is already a prominent firm within its competition in luxury services.

C. Gateway has a wide range of market as well. The markets cross 5 different continents and manage the services for over 20.000 guests every year. Our Market covers Asia, Europe, South and North America. Our service destination covers almost everywhere in North Europe and Baltic Countries, incl. Svalbard, Faroe Island and Greenland.

“It is important to know what we are doing and what are going to do” says Mr. Lars Poulsen, the founder of C. Gateway. “I think many people like to work with luxury products and high-end services. However, it is necessary to know what is the meaning of Luxury and High-End.” C. Gateway branded itself since year one clearly into a high-end level and offers to the guests of a full responsible services.

” Our phone is on 24/7, and we reply all emails within 12 hours. So, if you need anything, contact us!”.


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