Best of Nordic 2018, we are ready!

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Best of Nordic 2018, we are ready!

As you can experience, Taiwanese tourists have been increased rapidly from 2016 to 2017. Since we have been to Southeast Asia first time in 2015, I can say we have been succeed gained the market share from 0 to 5. It is a long process, but we are confident. 2016, our key account agents from Taiwan came to Nordic region first time and experienced first time ever – the Golden Route of Lapland. 2017 November, we arranged first time ever FAM tour for 20 key account agents to go to Iceland. All those activities will set a strong foundation for you and us towards the way of success.

What’s then? 2018!

In 2018, we are working even harder for our winter activities. Beside Golden Route of Lapland, we will also put lots of effort to promote Winter Iceland (we will develop our own products as Iceland Silk Road). It will not only going to be our own products but also going to be another famous one for Best of Nordic.

Norwegian west cost is always a challenge for every travel agency in Asia. Best of Nordic team will not only force on traditional routes and products, but we will develop something, completely different.



Best Of Nordic is going back to Taiwan. This time, we will only stay in Taiwan.

Best Of Nordic 2018 Taiwan Roadshow

There are tons of marketing companies are working for oversea marketing. We have been with them and we have joined in them. Trap, and no one could get out of there. If we don’t join in, we don’t even have a chance at all.

Therefore, in 2015, we arranged Best Of Nordic first time roadshow in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. In this way, we could meet directly with direct buyers. Introduce us as production chain, and sell as a supplier chain. We did it and supplier report tells us how successful it was. We, also saved money. Best Of Nordic, is a self creation. There is/are no one in Best Of Nordic team charges to sell marketing solution for us. Everyone, pays equally amount of fee. Including C. Gateway ApS. The fee covers our expenses during the trip, as well as the roadshow.

In the past 2 and half years, we can see the increase of Taiwanese market. We have received Taiwanese market, and it is time for us to pay another visit. And this time, we will only focus on Taiwan.

There are so many different type of programs in the market. It is not wrong to arrange standard/classic type of tours, but we want to do something different. Best of Nordic, is going to create best tours in Nordic Region. It might takes some time, but i am sure we will work hard to make it happen. And May 2018, is another start.

Why go with Best of Nordic?

As you can see, Best of Nordic is not a company. It could be a slogan or brand. It directly gives an impression of anything best from Nordic region. In this matter, tours. Lots of suppliers get into trap together with different macerators. It is not wrong to do it, but the out come is un-countable. Especially for hotels, restaurants, single activity arrangers. Because an overseas agent will never understand how dto adapt your service and translate it into real program to sell.

For example, a hotel X located in a very special location Y in Finland. General Manger spends lots of money to go to Asia with tourists board for promotion, gives broacher, gifts. The return is 0. Why is that? There are a few reasons. First, the Asian tour arrangers don’t know how to put hotel X or this special location Y into their program. Second, the Asian tour arrangers will never arrange a whole program to sell just because of this hotel X. and Third, the Asian tour arrangers have no idea now to distribute the information to their sales team.

  • Go with Best of Nordic, you will be promoted within one or a few read made programs. You don’t promote alone, but we sale the program which includes your products.
  • We do not choose your competitors to come with Best of Nordic. We ensure your products will have the best performance value.
  • Save your money. It is important to make sure you don’t spend money on unnecessary marketers. Best of Nordic is not a marketer but a marketing solution. No one owns it and no one earns anything from it. All members from the promotion team are suppliers. So the money you spend will go to your hotel, meal, transportation and necessary expanses during the show.
  • Best Of Nordic team in Taiwan will invite all targeted travel agents. Your time will go directly to the one who is interested in you. You don’t waste your time.

Who is behind the scenes?

  • Gateway ApS: A Danish travel agency, tour operator located in the heart of Copenhagen. The company has been operating for over 15 years and it is one of the oldest incoming agencies that specialized in Far East Asian Market. 2013, C. Gateway started to operate on Southeast Asian market. 2015, C.Gateway ApS widely arranged the first time Best Of Nordic, together with over 10 other suppliers from Nordic countries, crated the Golden Route of Lapland, which has won the Top 25 most relaxing Fin-Tours price.
  • The Young International Travel Agency: One of most respected and known themed travel agency in Taiwan. 2015, The Young was in cooperation with C. Gateway, arranged the 4 different road show in Taiwan, 1 in Singapore and 1 in Malaysia. The out come was stunning. 2016, The Young crated a buyers team explored first time ever the Golden Route of Lapland. 2017 Nov, it also targeted 20 VIP key accounts to experience the Iceland Silk Road.